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This is a bank of articles, extracts, links and resources for governors, clerks and anyone with an interest in school governance, to save you time and keep you up to date.

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Welcome to the Clerk to Governors website.
Listed in UKEdMagazine’s Top  Educational Blogs 2014 and 2015.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

  • Use the search facility or click on one of the tags
  • Contact your own Clerk or Local Authority Governor Support Unit / Governor Services / School Governance Team
  • Look on the DfE Governance pages, now held on Gov.UK.
  •  The TES has a forum for governors, with your questions answered by other governors.

Changes at Clerk to Governors

I will shortly be retiring from all things educational, and will be handing over Clerk to Governors and C2G to the National Governors’ Association. You will be aware that the NGA supports governors and clerks of academies and maintained schools, and does much to promote effective governance across the country. I know that it is committed to finding ways to provide support for you in the future.

If you are a subscriber, and wish to continue receiving updates to the C2G service, you will need to resubscribe as your existing subscription will cease on 9 June 2016. I will email subscribers in early June with a link to enable them to resubscribe.


If you would like to subscribe to this website using the Modern Governor mobile app’s reader of governance blogs, then the following video should help. Look for the C2G website in the “Subscribed” section of the reader, and you’ll be able to read the latest posts.

The Modern Governor blog is a free download from moderngovernor.com/app.